Scrum Teams of the highest standards

We unburden you by finding the highly skilled experts with the competencies that you are looking for, and building a Scrum Team, that is ready to take off and start realising your goals. This, we do by helping our clients with their very own serviced team(s). Think of it as an extension of your own people, your passion and culture, just working from a different location.
They align with your product vision and goals presented by your Product Owner. They not only deliver but also help your local teams improve further.

Short Lead Time

On average the lead time of finding the right experts and building your very own serviced team with HyperQ, ready to start is only a couple of months.

We rely on our network of highly skilled, professional individuals and firms to help us hire the best people for our teams. As a result, the turn-around time is shorter and we are assured that we have the right folks for the job at hand. We usually have a full team in place in about 3 months time. Our ways of working ensure that the time taken for them to understand the client’s market, domain, products and software architecture, and be up and running and be fully productive is about 3 months post start of the team.We encourage communication and collaboration at all times to achieve this.

Passionate and Professional Scrum Teams

Our teams are continuously trained and coached by renowned Scrum Masters and trainers.
If desired, we can also guide your organisation during the start-up phase on site with our local coaches and trainers to maximise the value the team delivers.

We believe in hiring the best people and never compromise on it. We achieve this by hiring people with a growth mindset and a passion for programming and solving real life problems through high quality software/digital products. Our hiring process is quite intense, right from selecting and approaching the candidates to several rounds of rigorous programming problems, pair programming with an experienced developer, technical interviews, gauging their emotional quotient and talking about their experiences and ambition, both professional and personal. Upon starting the team, we ensure they get enough support and coaching from experienced agile and technical coaches to help them improve continuously. Also, we give them autonomy to work with customers directly and employ the best methods to get the desired high quality products delivered on time.


Our teams are setup to have all required expertise on board to take responsibility from ideation to creation to operation: Cross functional DevSecOps teams with security checks, automated QA and Continuous Delivery.
We build it, we run it, we love it!

We understand that in today’s world, work silos between people cannot exist and collaboration and “one-team” culture is the only way. We hire and coach people with such a mindset. Our teams comprise of developers who write the application code using best practices like pair programming, test driven development, unit tests, automated integration and functional tests alongside operability engineers who ensure that the products goes live, has near to zero downtime, has a robust infrastructure which is highly secure and constantly monitored and scaled based on needs to ensure that the end users have a seamless and delightful experience using them.

Stay ahead of the game. Always.

We continuously invest to keep our experts up to date with the latest knowledge in their field of expertise and beyond, With this we enable you to stay ahead of the game. Always.

We truly believe in agile. And by that, we do not mean in a theoretical and bookish way. We believe in practicality and pragmatism with a simple thought that we can make things better by learning as we explore and try the best methods of today. In this ever evolving world, change is the only constant. We believe in seeking feedback and working on it to improve ourselves and our methods. We treat our people with respect and understand that they are our most valuable assets, which is why we constantly invest in learning and building them further to support development of software applications and products that meet the highest quality standards, are scalable and maintainable, are delivered faster and give high ROI.